Monday, 20 June 2011

"Whit'll we dae wi the Herrings Heed"

So much for thinking this would be easy! I thought I would do some herring collagraphs in keeping with the theme of work I am currently producing for North Rock Gallery. I really enjoyed putting the plates together.
Making one of the herring collagraphs

I decided to try out some new water based ink and try out the relief method of inking up (where the ink is just rollered straight on and printed straight onto dry paper) instead of intaglio (where the ink is pushed into the plate and then wiped off gradually and then printed onto dampened paper). I do prefer the intaglio method, but I don't have the proper inks and drying facilities in my studio so I have to go through to the print workshop in Dunfermline (which is fab by the way!). Sadly it didn't work out as well as I hoped. The colours were peely waaly (wishy washy!) and I just wasn't happy with the outcome.
Herrings ready for printing

So Dunfermline it was. I decided to use my old favourite 'Prussian Blue' and 'Turquoise Lake' as colours. The result again was disappointing as some areas were underwiped and some overwiped leaving the prints patchy in areas. The pressure from the press was also flattening the plates too much and I therefore had to stop or else lose the detail completely.

Collagraphs printed using the intaglio method
So back to the drawing board at the Natty Maid Studio! I decided to use my oil based inks and this did produce a better result.

Although these are collagraphs, I have decided to adapt these for screen so that the herrings can be printed individually or in groups on loads of different things like fabric, notebooks for a name!

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