Thursday, 14 July 2016

Blah Blah Blah

As the Pink Floyd song goes......'' there anybody out there?'
I cannot believe that it is 3 years past since I posted anything on this blog.
I actually thought about closing it and starting a new one and then I thought, no, its good to look back. Once I finally got access to it again as it was in the darkest recesses!!
I have an admission to make.
I have been totally rubbish at social media.
Apart from Facebook, I have committed very little time to it. I have been trying to work out why that is and cannot really give a reason, only excuses. 'It will take up too much of my time'...'I don't really have anything to share' ...'I don't want to spend all day on the computer' ....blah blah blah.
So I have given myself a talking to.
At the end of the day, I want my business to go in a new direction.
I have my own range of prints, textiles and stationery and have been selling them to trade within the UK since my first Trade Show in Harrogate in 2012.

Screen Printed Thistle Tea Towel and Apron
I have enjoyed my journey so far but I have run out of steam and have been lacking focus of late. At first I thought I had reached the end of the road and felt quite defeated, but then realised I had hit a ceiling point in doing things this way and I needed to change tack. And once this penny dropped I felt a whole lot better!

How many other creatives out there have gone through this?

Getting a job in lecturing gave me the time out I needed to be creative but in a totally different way and while doing this I have participated in a couple of on line courses. The first was with . A very talented designer, she has developed a fantastic range of courses with her MIID team and you can find them here
I cannot recommend these highly enough. Amazing resources and a brilliant friendly community. You have the option to to work through the modules at your own pace if need be which is what I did.
The next course I took (which I have just completed) was the Home Decor course from with Lilla Rogers and I am still buzzing.
The start of something new thanks to MATS Home Decor!

Go to her website now to see a not to be missed opportunity to enter her Global Talent Search. The winner gets Lilla's representation for a year along with a whole load of other fantastic prizes. The chance of a lifetime!

So thats me now....all ready to rock and roll and it starts here.
I currently have a couple of licensing contracts with JACCART and McLaggan Smith Mugs where my designs are used for their products and I receive royalties. This is definitely what I want to do more of and I am so looking forward to getting my hands messy putting new work together.

And as for the excuses earlier, Social Media is a very useful business tool when used properly. It needn't take up a lot of time if you are disciplined in what you want to use it for. And as for getting artwork seen, it is a necessity. If I want Natty Maid to grow then this is the way ahead. better get ready!