Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Forgive me Blogger it has been 3 months since my last post!

And here was I thinking I would be posting on a weekly basis in the lead up to the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate in April! Well I suppose it means I have been busy trying new designs, planning how my stand is going to look etc. In truth I am as nervous as can be about this, wondering whether I will get any interest in my work. It is daunting taking that leap, but one that needs to be done nonetheless. So, in terms of my work, I have been print, Print, PRINTING.

In addition to tote bags, I have been printing hankies. After screenprinting my own wrapping paper later last year, I wanted to look at other things that could be used for gift wrap, but more for the fact that it could be kept for another purpose. I had heard about Furoshiki and decided to start small scale using cotton handkerchiefs.

Furoshiki have been used for centuries in Japan, originally as a means of bundling and carrying goods. Now it is increasing in popularity as a more eco friendly way of wrapping gifts. They come in various sizes, the smallest being handkerchief size. These are ideal for wrapping smaller items such as candles, perfume, soap...even a sandwich!

I have decided to call mine 'Hansel Hankies' 
The word 'Hansel' is used frequently in the Shetland dialect and is derived from the Old Nordic word 'handsal' meaning 'giving of the hand to seal a promise' In Shetland it is common to give a hansel to commemorate something new as in a new baby, house etc

 I will be printing larger napkins and table cloths but all in good time. Lets see how these go first!