Monday, 6 June 2011

An eventful week

Well, a lot of good things have been happening this week.

Lloyds TSB have used my image in some publicity material.
It is really good to see it used in context.
Geese image for Art of Nurture used in publicity material
I also got news that I have won an award in conjunction with Forth Valley College.
This is very poignant for me in that I began Further Education with the College in 2002 when my youngest started nursery. Little did I know that it would lead to 5 fantastic years at Art School. When I set up on my own, Forth Valley College were there yet again with a funded course to help folks like me make a go of it in the Creative Industries. I cannot thank them enough!


  1. Well done you absolute trooper !!!!

  2. Thanks Aine! It has been an eventful few months. I am now in the process of entering another competition....although keeping it under wraps until I see if I meet the deadline. Found out about it today....deadline is 4th July. Nothing like a bit of pressure! x