Monday, 20 June 2011

Seagull Linocut

Forgot to post this earlier! Last week I ran a give-away once I got to my first 100 on my facebook page.
This linocut was up for grabs. Think I will do this again as it was good fun and I got a lot of good feedback.
A close up of the lino being cut

Linocut prints ready for shipping up to the North Rock Gallery


  1. Wow! I reeeeeeeallly love the textures Nat! They are to die for! I'm a fan from hell... I didn't know much about Linocut prints but I'm so looking into it right now! They are sooo preatty... I would call them my precious as I stroke them and drool... ok enough of stalking. Have a nice week dear!

  2. Same to you!
    And get going with some about a wee lino wakamole monster?!