Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Work for North Rock Gallery

I am very chuffed to have been asked to prepare some work for the North Rock Gallery in Shetland. The are holding an exhibition to run throughout the Tall Ships Event which will be in July. I'm thinking TOURISTS!!!! from all over so this will be a fantastic opportunity to get my work seen.
I don't have very long to do this (less than a fortnight) so I started on new designs yesterday. I have decided to begin with a Gocco design. This is not very large, but it is ideal for cards and the nifty thing is, it can be scanned in once printed and enlarged to be printed on bags etc. That way I am getting the most out of my Gocco as believe me, the screens and bulbs for this little contraption are like gold dust!
Here are some images of my initial sketches and design ready for exposure.

Sketchbook work and gocco design
 I am going for a sea/coastal theme....yes...birds again. Anyone would think I'm a bird fanatic, but I have just grown to love drawing them these past few months. Similar to the pigeon, the gull is seen as a bloomin pest. So I have decided to prettify it!

I purchased my Gocco last year. I don't have many screens left so I am almost scared to used it at times, as if it goes wrong its a bummer. Anyway, I am trying this seagull design out in the hope that it works.
Gocco Design ready to be exposed

The design exposed onto the screen

You can see where the image as been burnt on to the screen. This is where the ink will go through, just like in the normal screenprinting process. Here's hoping it is successful! I will post the outcome if it is!

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