Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Preparation for Progressions Exhibition Bonhoga, Shetland

I was lucky enough to win the prize for Best Print at the Shetland Open Exhibition at the Bonhoga last year. As a result, I now have the opportunity to participate in the Winner's Exhibition at the same venue in May 2011. Entitled Progressions, this exhibition will include work by John Carolan, Claire Laurenson, Jayne Kelly and Amy Irvine.
I am not going to post my work until after the opening, but I did think it would be a good idea to share some images of the work being done. Because I have been looking at geese, I thought this subject matter would fit in well with the Exhibition title. Anyway here are some pics of me making a mess!


  1. Hey - the nest!! I want to see how it turned out. Where's the print? The doily geese look v good

  2. It turned out very well.....eventually! Such a difficult plate to wipe.
    After spending the best part of 4 hours pulling 4 prints that were either underwiped or overwiped, I almost gave up! But got there in the end. Will be posting the image once the exhibition is up and running.
    Thanks for comment!